Kaneri math ( कनेरी मठ ) || Kolhapur Maharashtra

 KANERI MATH ( कनेरी मठ )

Kaneri Math is situated  at Kaneri village , kolhapur Maharashtra is a sculpture museum. The full name of museum is Siddhagiri Gramjivan (Village life) Museum. This museum shows the village life of the Indian culture as well as the maharashtrian culture. This museum spread over 7 acres of land. The village contains over 300 statues. Villagers life is shown over this museum. The daily village activity of12 balutedars and 18 alutedars who carry the domestic & proffesional tasks. 

Village scene

  • Goldsmith at work
  • Ironsmith shoeing a bullock
  • Barber shop
  • Village well 
  • Nursing an elder family member
  • Grocer’s shop 
  • Farmer’s wada (house of farmer)
  • House of vaidya ( Doctor)
  • Potter who makes the pottery
  • Farmers ploughing his farm using a bullock-drawn plow
  • Shepherd boy with his herd of sheep
  • Villagers performing bhajan and kirtan
  • farmers int the farm working

It's was best for the children and for adult also visit it

Ticket for adult : Rs. 150

Ticket for children: Rs. 70

External link: https://web.archive.org/web/20090406043831/http://www.siddhagirimuseum.org/

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